50+ Zbigz Premium Account Free for Lifetime 2019

Zbigz is a premium service that lets you download the torrent file with the help of Internet Download manager. Many users use different methods to access the utorrent to download files.

VPN is the most popular methods to access torrent sites from different location securely without showing your personal information.

So today I am going to provide 50+ Zbigz Premium Account Free of cost for lifetime access. All this account are not my personal account nor this violates Zbigz Premium Account policy.

Instead, all this are shared account which one can use to access their favorite torrent files through Zbigz without paying a single penny.

50+ Zbigz Premium Account Free for Lifetime 2019

What is Zbigz Premium Account Service?

50+ Zbigz Premium Account Free for Lifetime 2019

Normally Zbigz offers two types of account for its user. One is a free account which is limited to certain features and there is some limitation on it. Other is Zbigz Premium Account which is just like a Bomb for torrent users.

Zbigz Premium Account offers too many features such as No speed limit, Unlimited download, Pause and resume download & unlimited access to files from any region in the world.

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Due to limitation on the Free accounts now everyone wants to get Zbigz Premium Account but no one wants to pay money.

So we bring Zbigz Premium Account Free for our readers to help them to views and download their favorite content from the internet.

Features of Zbigz Premium Account

50+ Zbigz Premium Account Free for Lifetime 2019

As we said earlier there are many benefits of Zbigz Premium Account over free account which I have listed here.

  • No Network or Software Restrictions: Zbigz is a very good solution if your PC or laptop is locked by your ISP, system administrator or you have restrictions in your corporate network.
  • You can anonymously surf and download the files from Zbig Premium Account without worrying about your privacy.
  • No more annoying ads for the premium users, just enjoy the benefits of premium.
  • No speed throttling and limit: There is no limit on upload and download speed for Zbigz Premium Account users.
  • Unlimited high-speed file storage
  • Download maximum size of files weather file size is more than 1GB.
  • Zbigz Premium Account service lets you download the torrent files using the internet download manager or any other downloader.
  • You can also stream media files without downloading them. For example, if you are downloading a movie you can also stream that with the help of premium service.
  • Instant download without taking a lot of time just like in free accounts. It looks likes converting torrent files into direct download links.

How to Get Zbigz Premium Account Free for Lifetime

In order to get the Zbigz Premium Account free for the lifetime you need to follow the step mentioned below.

Note there are some rule which is to be followed to continue your ZBigz Premium Account Free service for a lifetime.

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Step-1: First of all Download the Zbigz Premium Account userid and password credentials from the files below.[sociallocker]

[/sociallocker]Step-2: Now copy the email address and password from the downloaded file and go to Zbig and fill the credential and hit the login button.

50+ Zbigz Premium Account Free for Lifetime 2019

Step-3: Now you have successfully logged into Zbig Premium Account and that for free.

Zbigz Premium Account Free Service Rules

  • As we said earlier all these Zbigz Premium Accounts are shared account, so dont delete someone files and upgrade the account or change any setting.
  • Do not try to over-smart by changing the email address or password from the account.
  • Do not upload any illegal stuff on the Zbigz Premium Account Free servers else you will get ban from Zbigz.
  • Do not try to use any kind of VPN to access Zbigz (VPN is not needed for accessing Zbigz Premium Account) you can simply log in with credentials.
  • Do not try to share this account online or sell this account else you will be get banned from using Zbigz Premium Account Free service.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s):

Download the fils without a torrent could be frustrating, so we bring Zbigz Premium Account Free for lifetime service to our readers.

If you have any troubles in accessing Zbigz Premium Account to download, login, upload, and stream you can see our answers below.

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Q. Can you download Slow Speed torrents with Zbigz?

Yes, Along with the fast speed torrent files you can also download slow speed torrent files. Zbigz provides multiple connections to download files from the torrent sites with help of Internet Download manager.

Q. How to add torrents in Zgibz Premium?

Adding the torrent files in Zbigz is pretty easy just you need to paste the magnet file link or upload the torrent file to Zbigz.

Q. Is this account are free for lifetime?

Yes, this are the shared accounts which are made by many user to share with the other to cut the cost of Zbigz Premium Account. It will be free for you until you dont follow any of the rules mentioned above.


So here I have given a full tutorial of how to get 50+ Zbigb Premium Account Free for the lifetime without paying any money or doing any survey.

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All these accounts are directly shared with you all you need to do is open your browser and go to Zbigz and use the Credentials we have given in files and enjoy your Premium Service.