10 Best Evite Alternatives to Send Online Invitation in 2022

Nowadays most people are using online techniques to send an invitation to friends, family, and relatives. While some of the users still use invitation cards and postcards techniques. But with the development of technology, we should also implement the latest invitation techniques.

Evite is one of the best online platforms to send an invitation to your friends, family, and relatives. Instead of using WhatsApp for sending invitation card try to evite which is more powerful and have a lot of new features.

But depending upon a single online platform is not a good idea. There should be evite alternatives and backup should be made in case evite goes shut down.

So today I have come up with the 10 Best Evite Alternatives that can be used in case something went wrong with evite.

10 Best Evite Alternatives in 2020 | techorhow

10 Best Evite Alternatives of 2022

1. Punchbowl

Punchbowl Best Evite Alternatives in 2020

Punchbowl is one of the best evite alternatives in 2020 to send an invitation to friends, family, and colleagues. It helps you to send online invitations along with making the plans for the event. It takes care of all invitations from start to end of the event.

With the help of Punchbowl, you can invite 100+ guests to your event. You can also send 10 Digital cards per month to a very special person for the invitation. These digital cards are very beautiful in look but also contains some advertisement. But still, they have a very beautiful design.

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Punchbowl is one of the best choices for planning kids’ events like birthdays and much more. It has collaborated with Disney, Transformers, Activision, and many more to improve the design of Invitations.

The best part of Punchbowl is that its UI is very simple and the Interface is speedy. I think this would be at a top positioning in selecting the best evite alternatives.

2. AnyVite

Anyvite - Best Evite Alternative 2020

Anyvite is another excellent platform to send online invitations to friends, family, and relatives. This platform also has a feature to send messages invitation directly to mobile along with invitations through email and other social platforms.

You can also earn some with your events by selling event tickets to people. It also helps in keeping the records of sold tickets.

Besides that, it also has a feature through which the guests can invite their friends too. You have total control over the invitation of guests. You can also control the number of invites they can send to their friends.

3. Pingg

Ping Another Best Evite Alternatives

If you like simple invitation designs then this site is for you. You can use pingg for free to send invitations to up to 75 people. But if you want to invite more than 75 people then you have to register as a premium.

Pingg also allows you to upload your own images and pictures on an invitation card but with a small advertisement in the free version. You can also earn money by selling the tickets to other people’s events.

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Sending the RVSP is very simple and you can track down every activity easily. You can also send updates about your events to guests.

4. Paperless Post

Paperloss Post Evite Alternatives

Paperless Post is one of the best evite alternatives to invite people digitally. If you dont like to visit the site again and again you can also use their app.

Recently the company has collaborated with Kelly Waerslter, Vera Wang, Oscar De la to provide more invitation designs. You can also send free cards to up t0 2000 people at once. This is one of the best things about paperlost.

You can also send free cards through SMS, Email or Facebook, and Twitter. It also allows you to track every single invitation card. Unlike others, it also has premium plans which can be used to send more than 15000 invitations.

5. Purpletrail


This is also one of the best online invitation platforms to invite your friends, family, and relatives to any event. You can also create your custom card for the invitation and can change every single piece in the invitation card.

Purpletrail has a large number of themes that you can use to design an invitation card. The best part about purpletrail is that it does not have any advertisements. This means you have a clean interface without any creepy advertisements.

It also has a feature to chat with the guest where you can ask for the suggestion about the event from the guest. Creating an invitation card with purpletrail is very easy all you need to signup with a valid email address.

6. Minted

Minted Online Invitation Card Service

If you want to create an invitation card for the wedding then minted is the best option and evite alternative. With the help of mint, you can create a special wedding invitation card.

Minted has a wide range of invitation card designs created by many freelancers. You can also create your own custom design by collaborating with any freelancer.

Along with the wedding, it also has a wide collection of themes for other occasions such as birthdays. You can also purchase a gift and stationery products from this website to give to a closer one.

7. Sendomatic


Sendomatic help you to create completely customized invitation card design by choosing their tonnes of elegant design. It also you to send invitations to a maximum of 10 recipients in the free version.

For inviting more people to the invitation you can purchase a single event subscription or you can sign up for a yearly subscription.

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Here also all the invitation cards are free from an advertisement in the free version. You can select many designs available to design invitation cards and track them whenever you want.

8. Shindigg

Send Free Online Invitation Card

Shindigg is another great site in the list of best evite alternatives. You can create events and customize them for a better look with the help of images, text, and animations.

You can effectively create invitations with its simple and fast User interface. You can also send a created invitation card through email or social media profiles to your guest.

Just like evite it also allows you to create and sell the ticket of the event and also keep the records of all sold tickets.

9. Greenvelope

Greenvelope Send Invitation Card 2020

This application offers a highly customizable design invitation card that you can send directly to your friends and family. It has a wide range of invitation card designs for all occasions such as birthdays, weddings, parties, and more.

It also allows integrating maps with the help of Google maps in the invitation card. Along with this, you can also add images, text, animation, and even music too in the invitation card.

This is a great evite alternative in 2022 but it is not available for free. You have to pay for every invitation card you send to your guest.

10. Facebook

Facebook Invite

Yes, you can also create invites using Facebook. I know many of you are not aware of the Facebook invites because they are not fully customizable and have few features as compared to other evite alternatives.

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This is the reason why Facebook invites are not so much popular. But if you are planning a small event then you can use Facebook to invites your Facebook friends and family members.


I always recommend you to have at least one evite alternative to send an online invitation card. Nowadays you cannot depend upon a single platform for sending invitation cards. Here I have listed 10 Best Evite Alternatives which you can use to send invitations some of them are free also.

So try using all the evite alternatives mentioned above and find which one works best for you. If you have any suggestions in this article then comment down and let me know.