10 Best Stream2Watch Alternatives to Watch Sports Online (2023)

Are you a die-hard fan of sports? and do you love watching sports online rather than going to a stadium? If yes then you must already know popular streaming sites to watch sports online. But do you know free sports streaming sites? Well, I know it excites you. And today I am going to talk about one of them.

Stream2watch is one of the most popular and free sports streaming sites available worldwide on every platform. Whether it’s an android or a macOS, it’s available everywhere. But why i am calling it one of the best streaming sites? Because it contains popular sports channels including ESPN, HBO, MTV, Animal planet, and many more.

You can watch your favorite sports be it NBA, soccer, hockey, baseball, cricket, football, and many more in HD quality. And that’s all for free. I mean it will literally cost you $70-80 per month for this much. But stream2watch offers all this for free, yaa it has few ads to generate revenue.

Then why there’s a need for stream2watch alternatives? Because the sites are restricted in some countries. Although it is one of the best free sports streaming sites but is considered illegal in some countries. And that’s you will need sites like stream2watch to watch your favorite sports.

Group of People Watching Sports and Enjoying

And in this article, I am going to cover the 10 best sites like stream2watch for free sports. So why wait? Let’s go.

What happened to stream2watch

The sites have been restricted and turned down in many countries because of piracy issues. Although the sports fan and the owner consider the site legal, it falls in the piracy category as per government officials.

And this is the reason stream2watch is not accessible in some countries. But for the rest of the countries, you can access the site via its official domain www.stream2watch.com. If the site is not accessible in your country that means it is illegal to watch.

So how can you watch free sports? The answer is simple, use a VPN. A VPN encrypts your network traffic and hides your IP address and allows you to access restricted content. There are many free VPNs available on the internet, but you should always use a paid one for security and features.

Note: We are at techorhow, and do not promote piracy and streaming copyright or illegal content by any means. The article is strictly only for educational purposes and you will have to bear all the consequences.

List of Stream2Watch Working Sites (Proxy Sites)

To tackle the piracy issue and turn down sites, stream2watch created many sister sites also known as proxy sites. So it gives provides its users with a way to watch sports online. A lot of stream2watch proxy sites are available on the internet but here are the 10 best stream2watch working sites.

The below list contains stream2watch proxy websites but from time to time working status of these sites changes. So click one by one and check them all.

Sr. No.Working Stream2watch Proxy SitesStatusSpeed
1.stream2wath.ruOnlineVery Fast
2.stream2wath.liveOnlineVery Fast
3.stream2wath.meOnlineVery Fast
4.stream2wath.orgOnlineVery Fast
5.stream2wath.ioOnlineVery Fast
6.stream2wath.netOnlineVery Fast
7.stream2wath.euOnlineVery Fast
8.stream2wath.wsOnlineVery Fast

Best Stream2watch Alternative Websites in 2023

But if you don’t want to use stream2watch proxy sites, you can also for an alternative. There are tons of free sports streaming sites are available on the internet. They are good stream2watch alternatives to stream sports online.

Here are a few of them. Pick one stream2watch alternative website and enjoy watching sports.

1. SportP2P

SportsP2P - Stream2Watch Alternatives

SportP2P is one of the best sport streaming sites for football fans. Rather than including all sports SportP2P only focuses on football and soccer. You can watch your favorite football match, championship, and other league games too.

It also offers other sports like Hockey and Tennis but is limited. The interface of the site is very simple and you can navigate and get links from the homepage. The content of the site is well-maintained and updated 30 mins before the event. It’s available for free and can be accessed from any web browser.

Link: http://www.sportp2p.com/live-sport



This is another best sports streaming sites and a great alternative to Stream2Watch. Wiziwig allows you to watch many sports such as Hockey, moto race, volleyball, rugby, etc. and all are for free without any intrusive and malicious ads.

The design of the site is simple and straightforward. You can easily find content related to sports such as news, announcement, league, and videos. You can also watch the replay of your favorite show, so don’t need to create dramas anymore. The sites offer content in many languages and are not limited to English only.

Wiziwig categorizes the sports very well and lists them per genre, popularity, and region. You can access all categories right from the home page. Here you will also find the latest announcement and sports news. Features like ad-free streaming make wiziwig a great Stream2Watch alternative.

Link: https://wiziwig1.com

3. LiveTV

LiveTV - Sites like Sports2watch

LiveTV is the third-best Stream2Watch alternative on the list. Instead of hosting the content on its own servers, it gives a direct link to streaming sites. That means no headache for the developer. But for users, there is great news. LiveTV only provides the link for best-streaming sites with High definition videos and good performance.

Apart from this, you dont have to create an account to get these links. The site has a simple UI and lists all link as per the category of sports. You can find sports like Tennis, Soccer, Baseball, etc, and channels like ESPN, HBO, NBA, and many more.

Besides sports, you can also stream popular games like Mobile Legends and Dota. The site also allows provides the latest news and announcement, so you don’t miss anything.

Link: https://watch.spectrum.net/livetv

4. Sport365Live


This site is one of the best Stream2Watch alternatives because of its useful features. Sport365Live is truly dedicated to live-streaming which means you won’t find previous videos and replays of the league. But you can live stream many popular games like WWE, MotoGP, Volleyball, and many more.

You can get details of live matches and links to watch them from the home screen itself. If there is no live matches, the homepage will be blank but with a few upcoming announcements. The design of the website is quite simple. But you have to face the signup process and ads to watch sports online.

5. VIPLeague

VIPLeague - Free Sports Streaming Site

VIPLeague is another best website like sport2watch. You can watch your favorite sports including but not limited to Boxing, Rugby, and Basketball. The site provides a simple interface and easy-to-go links so you can find them right from the dashboard.

With its clean layout, it’s a top-notch-level streaming site. Yet the site is free but contains few ads to generate revenue. But they are not intrusive and annoying types. So you can easily bear it and doesn’t hurt your watching experience.

The site is compatible with all the major platforms and you can access it from your laptop, smartphone, and tablet. As the site is open-source and available for free, the performance of streaming depends upon your network speed.

Link: https://vipleague.be

6. CricFree


If you are looking for an excellent streaming site to watch cricket online, Cricfree is the right choice. Cricfree allows to you watch your favorite cricket match sitting in England or any corner of the world. It provides high-quality content while maintaining a good network speed.

Apart from cricket the site also contains many sports like Boxing, Soccer, Tennis, and many more. You can access all of them without even creating an account. All sports are available for free and without any ads. This makes Cricfree, one of the best stream2watch alternatives.

Cricfree also offers a chat feature so that you can have conversations while streaming cricket online. A few sites like stream2watch offer chat functions and cricfree is one of them.

Link: https://home.cricfree.io

7. SonyLIV

Sony LIV

SonyLiV is one of the best sports sites specially dedicated to Asian games. The primary focus of the sites is on cricket and football. But you can also get other sports with a limited range. Unlike any other Stream2Watch Alternatives, SonyLiv is well-maintained and regulated.

This site provides content in HD quality and supports multi-language. That means even a non-Asian can watch cricket and other sports from any corner of the world. Not only on the web but SonyLiv also provide android and ios app. Of, course the site is not completely free, but it is legal, well-maintained, and ad-free.

Apart from sports, you can also stream movies and tv-shows from different regions of the world. You can also watch highlights for the sports and news about the latest tournaments and championships.

Link: https://www.sonyliv.com

8. Red Stream

Red Stream

With an eye-catching design and easy navigation Red Stream stands out as one of the best Stream2watch alternatives for watching free sports online. The interface of the site is very clean and does not have any ads.

Further, you can access American sports like football, soccer, tennis, and many more at any time. The site also holds replays and highlights for the game for a long time. Weathers its streaming favorite sports or reading announcements and news users love Red Stream because of its design and add-free behavior.

Link: https://redstream.online



The site is dedicated to basketball and also covers more than 4800 games. So if you are a basketball fan it’s a perfect choice and a great alternative to Stream2Watch. The site does not have any ads and provides a smooth user experience. As it is a well-maintained site you need to pay to watch.

But you can access MLB’s 2021 season and previous games for free, as they are delayed due to the corona outbreak. Although you can subscribe to their all-in-one package and watch many sports video and live feeds.

Link: https://www.mlb.com

10. Sport Lemon

Sport Lemon - Best Sports2watch alternatives

Last but not least. Sport Lemon is a perfect Stream2Watch alternative that allows you to watch sports for free. You can watch all your favorite sports including Tennis, Rugby, Cricket, Soccer, Basketball, and many more. All these are accessible from the homepage of the site.

The site provides a smooth experience for streaming sports online. The quality of the streaming is also good and gives better performance. The site is available for free and this is why it contains some ads. But you can use an AdBlock extension to block ads.

Rather than this, the site is a great choice for millions of people to stream live sports online. Sports Lemon provides many streaming servers, so if one fails you can use another and continue streaming.

Link: https://sportlemons.net


Stream2watch is an online free sports streaming site that allows you to watch your favorite sports like football, basketball, and many more. The site offers many sports from different channels like ESPN, HBO, Animal Planet, Discovery, and others.

The Site is loved by millions of sports fans due to its ad-free nature and clean interface. Apart from this here are some of the best features of Stream2watch.

  • Includes all kinds of sports from different channels and all are available for free.
  • Provides a simple and clean interface with easy-to-go navigation buttons.
  • Offers high-quality content without affecting the network performance.
  • Available on all platforms and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

If stream2watch is not blocked in your country, then it’s safe. But if it’s blocked in your country that means it fails in the piracy category and is not safe to use. But you can hide your identity and access the site in a safe way by using a VPN.

The best free sports streaming sites are:

  • SportsP2P
  • Wiziwig
  • LiveTV
  • Sports365Live
  • VIPLeague
  • Cricfree
  • Sony LIV
  • Red Stream
  • MLB TV
  • Sports Lemon

For some countries, it is legal while for others it is illegal. This is a confusing topic because it includes piracy. In some countries, piracy is considered a crime while in others it’s considered a source of streaming content. So it’s always confusing, but for security reasons, you should always use a VPN while streaming.

The bottom Line

There are many sports streaming sites available on the internet but no one can replace Stream2Watch. Looking up features and streaming experience you can choose one of the above Stream2Watch alternatives to watch sports online.

Or you can also go for stream2watch proxy websites provided by the original developer. It totally depends upon you but keeps in mind all these sites change their web address very often. So sometime the link from above will work and sometimes not. So check yourself.