3 Effective Method to Delete Ashley Madison Account

Ashley Madison is a dating site for peoples who are searching for an extramarital affair. Here one can create a profile by entering its own details and caters an affair with other members available online. But once you got the right partner then there is no use of Ashley madison account.

If you got an affair and want to delete Ashley madison account then you are in the right place. In this guide, I am going to release you from more extramarital affairs that comes to you by deleting your profile so no one can find you back.

It simple way It is very useful when you got engaged or change your mind to not have an affair or if you feel ashamed for having extramarital affair. Then you can rollback your decision by deleting your Ashley madison account and say no more affairs.

Well, the site is built to say no more affairs. In fact, the motto of the site is Life is Short, Have Some Affairs. It is a great place to spend time when you don’t have a girlfriend in your life.

How to Delete Ashley Madison Account in 2020

Why Delete Ashley Madison Account

There might be many reasons behind the deleting of an Ashley madison account. This dating account is created for having some fun with other members. But if you got your partner then there is no point to stay on the site. Instead of it, you can delete the account as you are not going to use it anymore.

Some of the popular reason why peoples deletes Ashley Madison account:

  1. One finds her partner and no longer wants to use the account again in the future.
  2. Got Engaged: If one got engaged and happy with current relations then also there is no benefit of using Ashley madison account.
  3. No Perfect Match: Yeah though Ashley Madison is a largest marital affair site but still there are many people who can’t find their perfect partner on the site.
  4. Get Ashamed of Yourself: Some people create the account to have an affair but after that, they realize that they did wrong with their loved one. This guilt kills them from inside and that’s why they decide to delete the account.

Apart from all these, there is other reasons to delete the account. One of the popular reasons is Ashley madison is no safe anymore. Recently Ashley madison has been attacked by a hacker and perform a data breach of millions of users.

The hackers share the data of millions of users online for free. This becomes a tough time for people who are already married and have affairs. The personal life of users is also been threaten by data releasing on internet.

How to Delete Ashley Madison Account in 2020

So now you decided to delete an Ashley madison account whatever the reason may be, I will guide you through the process. There are the two methods from which you can permanently deactivate or delete Ashley madison account.

If you want to reuse your account in the future then I will suggest you temporarily deactivate the account. Because one you delete the account there is no way to log in back. All your data and profile will be wiped out. So it’s better to temporarily deactivate the account until you decide to reuse it.

Method 1: Deactivate Your Profile

This method will not delete your Ashley madison account but instead, it will temporarily deactivate your profile. This means you will longer appear in the search result and online members list.

This is the safest method to deactivate Ashley madison account and also you can easily get access to account just by logging back with username and password.

Follow the below steps to deactivate Ashley Madison account:

Step 1. Login to Ashley Madison account by entering your login credentials.

How to delete ashley madison account from mobile

Step 2. Once you are logged in, click on the manage profile tab on the top of the screen.

Delete Ashley Madison Account

Step 3. Now slide down bottom and click on the delete account on the left hand side menu.

Deativate Ashley Madison Profile

Step 4. Click on the deactivate your profile button on the right side and confirm the option. Once you are done you will be automatically logged out of the Ashley madison account.

Delete Ashley Madison Account Permanently

But still, your account and personal details are available on the Ashley madison website and you can reactive the account just by logging again.

Method 2: Deleting Your Profile

Deleting Ashley madison’s account will remove all the account details from the Ashley madison database and you will not be allowed to login back. So think twice before deleting the account.

Follow the below steps to delete Ashley Madison account permanently.

Step 1. Login to the Ashley Madison account by visiting https://www.ashleymadison.com from any browser.

How to delete ashley madison account from mobile

Step 2. Click on the manage profile button on the home screen.

Step 3. You will find delete account option on the left sidebar click on that.

Step 4. Confirm the account deletion by clicking the delete your profile button. Once you click on the delete profile button your Ashley madison account will be deleted in 48 hours.

Delete Ashley Madison Account Permanently

If you did it by mistake you can roll back the changes with the given time period. After that, the account will be permanently removed from the database.

Method 3: Cancel Ashley Madison Account Using Phone

If you are at a remote location and do not have an internet connection then also you can delete Ashley madison account. All you need to call, the Ashley madison support and ask them to delete the account.

Step 1. Dial 1-866-742-2218 from your phone and contact to support team.

Step 2. Once the call get connected ask the representative to cancel your Ashley Madison account.

Step 3. Provide all the detail like email id and phone number for verification.

Step 4. Ask them if you are going to charge again or not.

That’s it. Congrats you have successfully canceled your Ashley madison account. Now feel free to enjoy your rest of life. If you again require an account in the future either reactivate your profile or create a new account.

Wrapping Up

So here I have provided all 3 effective methods to delete Ashley madison account. You can use one of the methods above to delete or deactivate your account. But do remember that once you permanently delete the account you will not going to access them again.

Check out how to delete cougarlife account permanently. There are many dating websites on the internet and all follow the same account deletion process. Share the article if you liked it and comment down if you have any issues in deleting the account.