Bypass School Or College Computer Internet Restrictions

Hello guyes are you one of them who always got stucked at school or college computer internet access.If you then its great for you .In this hacking tutorial will walk you through some methods for bypassing basic school security (the kind that stops you from accessing certain websites, or downloading certain files.)
Example : error something like this when you access any site,,
In school or colleges our authority block almost other site then their work because they dont want students to misuse internet or have fun on internet.They simply do it by blocking your privacy in your browser or your router so when you try to open any site other then their work it will say you an error But dont take tension see below and remove all blockage from computers in a few minutes..

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Bypassing the restriction to download .exe files

  1. Simply google the file you want, only in zip format. For example, instead of searching for openoffice.exe, search for or openoffice.rar
Bypassing blocked keywords
  1. If your school doesn’t allow you to search certain keywords like torrents, porn, etc. simply drop a letter from your keyword search. For example, instead of typing Harry Potter torrents, search Harry Potter torren
Bypassing blocked websites
  1. Most people know this one by now. If there is a certain website you want to access but it is blocked, try searching the website in google, and instead of click on the website itself, click on the cached button. This should load the website without the block.
  2. The alternative is to use a proxy if you can. Refer to the Protect yourself section of this app to find the proxy guide. You can also google search proxy websites.
Use facebook or other blocked apps w/ iPhone or iPad on school WiFi
  1. Send an email to [email protected] with the subject vpnod (There doesn’t have to be an text in the body, wait for a reply, then follow the instructions at
Run a TOR browser off a USB stick (TOR is an anonymous browser.. you can also view things with it you couldn’t normally. View their website or do a google search for details)
  1. Download this folder:
  2. Then copy it onto a USB stick, and simply plug it into your schools computer and run the program called Start Tor Browser
As always, this tutorial is for educational purposes only. Use at your own risk.