10 Best Wallpaper Sites to download Free Desktop Wallpaper

Whether you love switching out free desktop wallpaper or you just want something minimal that you’re going to open windows over anyway, there’s no shortage of best wallpaper sites to find something to dress up your desktop. Let’s look at some of the best.

Best Wallpaper Sites to download Free Desktop Wallpaper


best wallpaper sites to download free desktop wallpaper

Desktoppr is one of the best wallpaper sites and which provide free desktop wallpaper and it is also in top list of our favorite site of wallpaper, and it’s still a great place to get new wallpaper and quickly download.

The best part of Desktoppr is that you can  sync it with your Dropbox to share it with others and get those wallpapers on any computer you may use.


Desktoppr includes high-resolution wallpapers with great quality  that look great on Retina displays, and it also has a drop-down that lets you filter by resolution to get the perfect size wallpaper

2.Social Wallpapering

Social Wallpapering started years ago. Providing best free desktop wallpapers its now become the best wallpaper site on internet. The voting feature of Social Wallpapering is the best and is popular now.

This voting feature allows user to vote up and vote down to wallpaper. If one like a wallpaper he will vote up and dislike wallpapers get vote down.

It has a large collection of wallpaper and has a great free desktop wallpaper collection which can select according to desktop size , or category basis.

3.DevianArt Wallpaper

best wallpaper sites to download free desktop wallpaper

DeviantArt is a huge community of artists and fans and now its become hub for peoples to find great wallpapers. It has a large collection of original high quality content made by artist.

You can simply download from here.It also has paid feature, from which you can buy great wallpapers. DevianArt also provide themes, icon pack, stock wallpapers and much more.

It has the largest collection and becoming more popular day by day.

4. Desktop Nexus

best wallpaper sites to download free desktop wallpaper

One of our favorite underrated desktop best wallpaper sites, Desktop Nexus has a community of over a million users who have collectively uploaded and voted on over 1.4 million wallpapers.

Desktop Nexus is neatly organized by filters and category, if you select one category, a wealth of subcategories opens up underneath.

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5. The Paper Wall

The Paper Wall has large number of categories and resolution wallpapers. It provides tonns of resolution option to download.

Its search is actually surprisingly useful, but you may not even use it once you get familiar with the depth of its categories, its popular and trending wallpaper selection, and its resolution filter.

let you choose wallpapers that will only match your display (or larger, if you have to scale down.) The resolution chooser also has options for dual monitor setups and widescreen displays.

6. Wallhaven


Started its career with wallpaper uploading a years ago . It creates , shares wallpapers based on the demand. Wallhaven is not so much popular as other wallpaper sites are.

It also have limited collection of wallpaper which means it does not provide variety. But still its is best wallpaper sites.

As it has many features like Random Wallpaper which provide random wallpaper. It’s all make you surprise to see random wallpaper daily.It also provide different resolution size, so it can easily suit to your desktop, mobile or tablets.

7. Interface Lift

best wallpaper sites to download free desktop wallpaper

Interface Lift is the oldest community and it has grown its base now. Interface lift now have million of wallpaper and provide on all categories including beautiful wallpaper, landscape wallpaper,photography ,lifestyle and much more.

This site provide you free desktop wallpaper with different sizes. Its also provide Ultra HD wallpaper and that’s also free. Interface Lift has app for iOS, Android and Windows to directly download wallpaper in device.

You can also post your own wallpaper if you have wallpapers collection.

8. Simple Desktops

best wallpaper sites to download free desktop wallpaper

If yup are not interested in Abstract , Text or Busy wallpaper then Simple Desktops in the right place for you to get simple wallpapers.

All of the wallpapers at Simple Desktops are stunning and include patterns, text snippets, or phonographic images that look great and say a lot without saying much at all.

9. Digital Blasphemy

It is one of the best wallpaper sites which provide high quality 3D wallpaper and also with different resolution sizes. This site has a large variety of stunning wallpapers.

Today, its has largest collection of oldest wallpapers including places, heritage places , landscapes, and great historical places.

10. Automatic Wallpaper Changes

This wallpaper app can change your PC look in just a click. All the above site provide wallpapers from different source like NASA and Flickr etc.

Automatic Wallpaper Changes is the great source of Free Desktop Wallpapers and it also has the feature to change your wallpaper automatically.

So don’t worry about searching wallpaper from huge sources and website. Just install Automatic Wallpaper Changes in your Desktop and forget everything. This app will take care of your Desktop Beauty.


Conclusion :

This list contain most favorite best wallpaper sites to download free desktop wallpaper. All the given sites above are tested and according to users up voting and rating this sites are selected in our list. Try and see which one is great for you.