Download SB Game Hacker APK 6.1 Latest Version for Android

Do you love playing the games on android smartphone? Well, we all love playing games and android is a very handy device and supports tons of mobile games based on categories like Action, Racing, Multiplayer etc.

But not every time we win these games. But sometimes we also stuck at a particular level in game because of a low score, insufficient gems and out of health. And clearing the level becomes too difficult without these powerups.

Yes we can buy the live, gems and even powerups but we don’t want to spend money on games. This is the reason why we always look for best game hacking apps for android, and our search ends on SB Game Hacker APK.

What is SB Game Hacker APK?

Download SB Game Hacker APK Latest Version

SB Game Hacker apk is one of the best app to hack offline android games. With the help of this game hacker app you can hack almost any type of android game running on the offline mode.

SB Game Hacker Download Latest Version

You can purchase a lots of gems, increase your score, clear all the difficult levels with one tap. In fact this game hacker app is the key to your success while playing the game.

Once you install the SB Game Hacker app in android then there is no need to worry about any game. You can challenge your friends and beat them by hacking the game powerups and lives.

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Guess a game in which you have unlimited gems, powerups and also unlimited lives. You will become mortal in that game. You can easily beat your friend’s score in games like subway surfer.

Now you know what is SB Game Hacker. Lets have a look on the best feature of the SB Game Hacker app for android.

Features of SB Game Hacker

It has tons of advanced feature which you cant get in any other game hacker app. But the only disadvantage of this app is that it might not support on all the android versions. And also it works only on the rooted android device.

But still it have many cool features which you will love to use. Look at some of the best features of SB Game Hacker app.

1. Hack Any Game:

SB Game Hacker APK

With the help of SB Game Hacker you can hack almost any android game which runs offline. You can easily hack popular games like Subway Surfer, Temple Run, Moto Rider and many others.

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The hack remains permanent, which means you will not need to hack the game every time. Once you hacked the game then just forget caring about lives and score.

2. Remove Ads.

No Ads

Popping ups the ads while playing the game creates too much disturbance. Most developers provide the ads in games to make money. But this also annoys android gamers.

But with the help of SB Game Hacker you can block all the ads from the game and enjoy ad-free gameplay.

3. Easily Modify Hex

Modify HEX Game Code

To hack the android games you need to modify the data which are stored in hex format in game memory. And to do these you need to search exact data and replace it with the desired value.

SB Game Hacker provides a smooth search console through which you can easily modify any hex value with your desired value and hack the game.

Download SB Game Hacker APK Latest Version

It is one of the best game hacker app and always receive an update from the app developers. That’s why it is very mandatory to install the latest version of sb game hacker app so that you can hack newer android games also.

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Since the android games receive periodically updates from the developers their hex and file paths also got change. If you dont have the latest version of the game hacker app then you will not be able to hack the game.

App NameSB Game Hacker
App Version6.1
App Size1.1 Mb
Requires PlatformAndroid 2.3+
Last Updated 18 March 2020

Minimum Requirement to Install SB Game Hacker:

  1. The rooted android is Required.
  2. Minimum 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM are required.
  3. There should be enough free space on disk.
  4. Android 2.3 + Version.
  5. Offline Games which you will hack are required.

How to Hack Android Games with SB Game Hacker APK

How to Hack Games using SB Game Hacker

Hacking the android games with SB Game Hacker is very simple and easy task. Even a school going kid can perform this task and hack any android game working offline.

All you have to do is to download the SB Game hacker from the above link and install it on the android smartphone on which you are going to hack games.

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Install the apk fill just you do with other apk files. Once the app is installed open the app and grant the root privilege to the SB Game Hacker.

If your phone is not rooted then you need to root android phone and install the latest Super Su app to keep monitoring root activity. Once you provide the root permission, open the game which you want to hack.

Now Press SB hack icon and search the value which you want to replace with desired value. For example, you have 3 lives then search for 3 in sb game hacker app and replace three with 300 in the search result.

If you still don’t understand how to hack games with SB Game Hacker app then have a look at below video and enjoy game hacking.



Cheating the games by modifying the game data is very bad habit. But sometimes it is good to hack android game when you want to clear a too difficult level or just want to score high against your friends.

Always download the latest version of SB Game Hacker APK so that you can hack newer android games easily without any problem. Comment down below and let me know how its works for you.