How To Root Android Phone Without PC Easily in A Single Click

Do you want to root your android phone? If yes then how to root an android phone without a PC is your main aim. As you already know rooting gives your phone a boost to make changes tweaks setting, speed, and much more which is not available to unrooted users.

So what does a Rooted Android Phone means? 

Rooted android phones have the ability to unlock their way of system files. So one can access the system’s written files and can tweak android as per one’s desire.

Rooting has many advantages such as Increasing internet speed, Increase buffer speed, and Improving the Audio & Video Quality of the phone. One can also increase the performance of android by removing too much bloatware and preinstalled apps.

Root Android Phone Without PC in Easy Way

You can also boost phone memory by creating Swap Files in your android. Rooting allows you to use the maximum of your battery power so it can withstand the whole day.

How to Root Android Phone without PC :

Everyone wants to root their android so they can boost their smartphone’s performance and battery life. There are many methods available to root android phones with a PC. But everyone can’t use a PC for rooting due to some problems.

So here is the good news for those people. Now everyone can root android phones without a PC with the help of some rooting apps. These rooting apps work similarly to PC software works but are handier.

Precaution should be taken before Rooting:

  • Charge Android Phones at least 75 %
  • Take a backup of all your data
  • Remove SD Card for safety
  • Take a backup of the NVRAM setting

Best Rooting Apps for Android Phones 


Root Android Phone Without PC

This is the best app ever made by the kingoroot team. This app has the highest success rate of rooting android phones with a single click. Kingoroot is developed and maintained regularly by a great team.

Kingoroot supports more than 50,00 + Android devices available all across the world. Choose the ones your and you are lucky to have kingoroot to root android.

  • Download & Install Kingoroot
  • Open Kingoroot and click on the root
  • Do not turn off the internet while rooting, keep it on
  • Kingoroot will root your android successfully in a couple of minutes.


Root android phone without pc

This is another best rooting apps for android. Framaroot provides a simple interface in their mobile application. It has three main options Rooting, Unrooting, and Uninstall Framaroot app.

You can root as well as you can also unroot your android phone with the help of framaroot.

  • Download & Install Framaroot
  • Open Framaroot and click on install SuperSu
  • Now Framaroot will root your android in a couple of minutes.
  • Android is now restarted & congratulations your phone is rooted now.



Towelroot is an awesome app to root your android device.  It is a small tool that allows you to root your Android device in just a few seconds. This is a standalone app that can function independently and root your android device in one click.

  • Download Towelroot from here.
  • Open Towelroot & Grant all permission
  • Click on make it ra1n and your device will be successfully rooted.


Yes, your warranty will be continued because they won’t know that you have rooted before.

It is not what you thinking. If you create a problem or don’t follow instructions to root, install Custom ROM & Recovery then you can cause a problem with the boot loop. But you can repair this, it is very easy. So it’s not much danger.

  1. After rooting your phone, you can delete bloatware and reinstall the app from the system.
  2. Some apps need to have root access to open their functions. For example, Titanium Backup has an awesome feature that it can back up data as well as an app/game. But, to use this feature you need root access.
  3. You can increase your battery life, and increase your phone’s performance, and also you can tweak your phone and do lots of customization.


Rooting is the best thing to achieve most of your android phone so give it a try. Here I have provided the best rooting apps to root android phones without a PC. If you have any problem with these apps let me know in the comments.