Best Custom ROM for Xiaomi Poco F1

Xiaomi Poco F1 is a perfect smartphone for a moderate user when it comes to price and performance. Since it has housed with Android Oreo 8.1 it gives a great look with a smooth performance. But the MIUI is something that holds it to achieve its full performance.

MIUI is a heavy skin UI with a lot of bloatware that can’t be removed easily. This is the reason why most of the users dont want MIUI interface instead of this they want a lighter UI. The only solution to this problem is to download custom rom for Poco F1.

A custom rom is the third party developed firmware which is very lightweight and provides more features and performance as compared to the MIUI firmware. Also most of the custom rom are build by keeping the stock experience in mind and without any bloatware.

In this article, I am going to list the best custom for Xiaomi Poco F1 in 2021 that can be flashed within a few minutes on the device. There are many custom rom are available for Poco F1 but here I have chosen only 7 best custom ROMs.

List of Best Custom ROM for Xiaomi Poco F1 in 2020

Best Custom ROM for Xiaomi Poco F1

The main motto of the custom rom is to provide a smooth UI with the best features and performance. MIUI has a Snapdragon 845 processor coupled with 6/8 GB RAM that is enough for a custom rom to boost your phone.

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Since the custom ROMs do not have any bloatware and RAM hugging apps. So your Poco F1 will have more free RAM and will work faster than before.

List of Best Custom ROM for Xiaomi Poco F1 in 2021:

  1. LineageOS 16.0
  2. Nitrogen OS
  3. Pixel Experience
  4. AOSPExtended
  5. crDroid
  6. OmniROM
  7. ArrowOS

Lineage OS 16.0

LineageOS 16 Best Custom ROM for Xiaomi Poco F1

Lineage OS is one of the most used custom rom for Android smartphones. LineageOS is serving the android smartphone for years, previously it was known as CyanogenMod later it changed its name to LineageOS.

LineageOS is based on AOSP that provides a stock android experience with minimum bloatware. Talking about the feature, lineageOS contain almost all the features that you see in official MIUI rom. The ROM is very lightweight as it is bloatware free and does not contain any apps except Trubechat.

Trubechat is a very lightweight launcher that has simple features and is easy to handle. After flashing the LineageOS in Xiaomi Poco f1 you can install GApps as per your needs.

Here are some of the features of the LineageOS 16.0 for Xiaomi Poco F1:

  • Burnt-in protection (Prevent your phone from heating)
  • Live display support
  • Privacy guard with native superuser
  • Increasing ringtone feature
  • Unlinked notification sound
  • Per-app data/wifi toggle

So if you are looking for the fast and stable rom with a good a battery backup then LineageOS 16.0 is the best option for Poco F1. Also, Read – Download and Install LineageOS 17.1 for Redmi Note 9 Pro [Android 10]

Nitrogen OS

NitrogenOS for Xaomi Poco F1

Nitrogen OS is the another best custom rom Xiaomi Poco f1 based on the AOSP. This rom comes with a limited number of features but ROM performance and stability are great. So if you are looking for a rom with a limited number of features and great stability Nitrogen OS is the best option.

This ROM is very well optimized and provide a very smooth experience on Poco F1. Nitrogen OS is pre-packed with Android Pie and has a very minimal bug, which always got fixed on they periodically updates.

Here are some of the Features of Nitrogen OS for Poco F1:

  • Status Bar
  • Navigation Bar
  • Custom Power Menu
  • Gesture
  • Lock Screen Customization
  • Quick Setting
  • Buttons

Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience - Best Custom ROM for Poco F1

As the name suggests the ROm will provide Google Pixel experience on your Xiaomi Poco f1. This means that it will have all the pixel features, wallpaper, boot animation, and sound. Pixel Experience is always one of the best rom for android.

Pixel experience is also based on the AOSP and provide a stock rom experience. The ROM is very light weighted and also contains the GApps that means you dont need to flash them separately.

Features of the Pixel Experience ROM for Poco F1:

  • Based on Android 10
  • GApps included
  • Weather on the lock screen
  • Automatic theme on boot animation
  • Encryption working, you don’t need to format internal storage.

Pixel Experience for Poco F1 (Beryllium) is based on the latest Android 10 and is a very stable ROM. You can easily use this ROM as a daily driver.

AOSPExtended V6.1

AOSPExtended Custom ROM for Poco F1

AOSPExtended also knows as AEX is another best custom rom for Xiaomi Poco F1. This rom come with a lot of extra modification that you see in a LineageOS or RR rom. Other then the customization features the rom provides a pure stock experience.

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This comes bundled with 3 apps, AEX paper, Via browser, and Retro music. These apps are very lightweight and serve their purpose. The customization option includes a Status bar, lock screen, quick setting, boot animation, and more.

Features of AOSPExtended V6.1 for Poco F1:

  • DUI (Fling/Pulse/Smartbar)
  • DU Font Engine
  • Substratum Theme Engine with Rootless Support
  • Status Bar Customization
  • One-Handed UI
  • Notification Count
  • Toast Icon
  • Back Button Kil Background Apps
  • And many more counting..


crDroid Custom ROM for Poco F1

CrDroid ROM for Poco F1 is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android and also attempting to bring many of the best features existent today. It has many features such as advanced power menu, lock screen modification, toast icon, and many more.

Since the ROM is based on the LineageOS, it gives many extra features as compared to any other ROM. It also has many features that you even cant get in official LineageOS ROM.

Here are some of the best features of crDroid V5 for Poco F1:

  • Pixel look and feel
  • crDroid Music and File Manager
  • crDroid Home and crDroid settings
  • ART and BIONIC optimizations
  • All LineageOS features

Apart from these feature many customization options are also available. Some customization options include status bar clock customization, lock screen customization, quick setting, Advanced power menu, and many others are counting.

Omni ROM

OmniROm for Poco F1

Omni ROM is a feature in-rich rom based on the AOSP. It is one of the most used custom ROM for many devices due to its advanced features. Also, the ROM receives periodic updates so there is no need to worry about future updates or any bug fixes.

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The rom is very stable and provide a lot of customization option that you see in RR and LineageOS rom. Some of the features of Omni ROM for Poco F1 are listed below.

  • Omnigears
  • Advanced reboot
  • Dual-column settings
  • Dynamic notification drawer headers
  • OmniSwitch

Arrow OS

ArrowOS for Poco F1

Arrow OS is designed by keeping simplicity in mind. This is one of the best custom ROM for Poco F1 when comes to simplicity, neat and clean interface. If you prefer the stock android experience then is a perfect catch for you.

The ROM comes with negligible custom features and provides a full stock android experience. Some of the custom features are added as they are necessary. Except that it does not have any bloatware and provide a smooth user experience.

The ROM comes in two variant one is based on Android 10 and the other is Android 9. You can choose which one you prefer to flash on Xiaomi Poco F1.


Here I have listed all the best custom rom for Xiaomi Poco F1 in 2021. Some of the ROMs are advanced and rich in features and performance while ROM like Arrow OS provides stock Android experience.

Now it’s up to you to choose one of the ROM from above and get rid of the MIUI. Some ROM will require GApps to flash separately you can choose the GApps according to your choice from here. So install the ROM and tell me how’s your experience and which ROM you like the most in the comment section.