Samsung CSC Code List 2023 (480+ Firmware Region Codes)

Samsung is one of the largest Android device manufacturers in the world. When it comes to selling the device worldwide, the manufacturer has to follow specific rules and regulations to comply with the regulations. To achieve this, Samsung has assigned a three-digit code to all its devices called CSC code or country-specific code. The code helps the manufacturer identify the device, region and limitation per the governing authority.

For example, you get a Samsung call recording feature in some regions, while in others, you don’t. Some regions receive faster OTA updates, and some do not. All these happen because of the rules and regulations imposed by the government on the manufacturers. This limitation can be related to software, hardware or privacy concerns, and Samsung must obey them all.

Apart from these, Samsung CSC codes are also used to flash the stock firmware on Samsung devices. Software like Odin and Frija require the CSC code of your Samsung device to check the OTA update and to download the firmware. So, it’s essential from a user perspective to know the csc code of your Samsung Galaxy device, especially when you root your Android. In this article, I will show you how to find the CSC code of a Samsung Galaxy device and also give you a complete list of all Samsung devices that cover 480+ codes for all countries worldwide.

What is a CSC Code?

CSC stands for Country Specific Code. A unique identifier is assigned to each Samsung device to indicate its country or region of sale. Samsung uses these codes to customize the firmware for different countries and regions. This includes system language, APN settings, and carrier branding.

Samsung CSC Code List 2023 (480+ Firmware Region Codes)

The codes are essential because they ensure that Samsung devices work correctly in the countries or regions where they are sold. For example, a CSC code for the United States will include the APN settings for all major US carriers. This allows users to connect to the internet and cellular networks without manually configuring their devices. 

There are generally four types of CSC Codes:

  1. Open CSC codes: These are the most common codes with no carrier or region-specific limitation. This means Samsung devices with these codes have all the features regardless of region and carrier.
  2. Carrier CSC codes: These codes are used to customize firmware for specific carriers. For example, there are different carrier CSC codes for the United States, such as TMB for T-Mobile and VZW for Verizon.
  3. Regional CSC codes: These codes are used to customize firmware for specific regions within a country. For example, certain regions block the call recording feature while some do not.
  4. Developer CSC codes: These codes are used by developers to test and debug custom firmware.

Samsung firmware consists of four binary files: BL, AP, CP and CSC. The CSC files are often required when you flash the stock firmware using tools like Odin and Frija. You can easily find your Samsung Galaxy device country specific code by following the below method.

How to Find CSC Code of a Samsung Galaxy Phone

There are two ways to find the CSC code of a Samsung Galaxy phone: 

1. Through the Settings app: 

  1. Go to Settings > About phone > Software information.
  2. Scroll down to the CSC region code section.How to Find Samsung Phone Model Number
  3. The last three digits of the CSC region code are your CSC code.

2. Through the Phone app: 

  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Dial *#1234#.
  3. It will open a screen with information about your phone, including the CSC code.How to Find CSC Code of Samsung Mobile Devices
  4. The CSC code is the last three digits of the CSC line.

List of All Samsung CSC codes by country and region

Here is a complete list of all Samsung CSC codes by country and region. The list covers more than 480+ codes arranged by country name. Find the correct code as per your home region. 

CountrySamsung CSC Codes
Afghanistan AFG
Algeria TMC, ALG, ALR
Albania AVF (Vodafone)
Argentina ANC, ARO, CTI (Claro), UFN (Movistar), PSN (Personal)
Aruba ARU
Australia XSA, OPP, OPS (Optus), VAU (Vodafone), TEL (Telus), HUT (Three/Vodafone)
Austria ATO (Open Austria) AOM, DRE (3 Hutchinson), MAX (T-Mobile), MOB (A1), MOK, ONE (Orange), TRG (Telering)
Bahrain ARB
Baltic SEB
Belarus MTB, VEL
Belgium BSE, BAE, PRO (Proximus), XEB
BangladeshBNG, (unbranded), TML (unbranded), ETR
Bosnia-HerzegovinaERO, BHO, BHT (BH Telecom), TEB
Brazil ZTO (unbranded), BTA, BTM, TMR, ZTA (Claro), ZVV (Vivo), ZTM (TIM)
Bulgaria BGL (unbranded), CMF, GBL, MTE, MTL (MTL), OMX, PLX, VVT (VVT)
Cambodia CAM (unbranded), RCG
Canada BMC (Bell), RWC (Rogers), TLS (Telus), KDO (Koodo)
Chile CHO (unbranded), CHB, CHE (Entel PCS), CHL (Claro), CHT (Telefonica)
Colombia COO (unbranded), CGU, COB, COL, COM
Costa Rica ICE
Croatia CRO, TRA, TWO, VIP (VIP-Net)
Cyprus CYV (Vodafone)
Czech Republic ETL (unbranded), KBN, O2C, OSK, TMZ, VDC (Vodafone), XCS, XEZ
Denmark  DTL
Dominican Rep. CDR, TDR
Dominica CST, DCN, DOR
Ecuador BBR
Egypt EGY (unbranded)
El Salvador DGC, TBS
Finland ELS, SAU
France XEF (unbranded), AUC, BOG, COR, DIX, FTM, NRJ, OFR, ORC, ORF, OXA*, SFR, UNI, VGF
Germany DBT (unbranded), DTM (T-Mobile), DUT, EPL (E-Plus), MAN, MBC, OXA*, VD2 (Vodafone), VIA (O2), XEG
Ghana SPN, ACR (unbranded)
Greece EUR (unbranded), AOC, COS (Cosmote), CYO, GER, OXX*, TGR, VGR (Vodafone), ILO (HotMobile)
Guatemala PCS
Hong Kong TGY
Hungary XEH (unbranded), PAN (Telenor), VDH (Vodafone), WST, TMO,  TMH (T-Mobile)
India INU (unbranded), IND, INA, INS (unbranded), IMS, REL
Indonesia AXI, SAR, XSE
Iran THR (unbranded)
Iraq MID (unbranded)
Ireland 3IE, VDI (Vodafone)
Israel ILO (unbranded), CEL, PCL, PTR
Italy ITV (unbranded), FWB, GOM, HUI, OMN (Vodafone), OXA*, TIM, VOM, WIN, XET
Ivory Coast IRS, SIE
Jamaica JBS, JCN, JCW
Jordan LEV
Kazakhstan EST, KCL, KMB, KZK, OXE*, SKZ (unbranded)
Korea SKT
Latvia SEB (unbranded)
Libyan Arab Rep. MMC
Lithuania TLT
Luxembourg LUX (unbranded)
Macao VTN
Macedonia TMC, MBM
Malaysia CCM, FME, FMG, MXS, OLB*, XME (unbranded)
Mongolia MPC
Morocco FWD, MAT, MED, MWD (unbranded), SNI, WAN
Nepal NPL (unbranded)
Netherlands PHN (unbranded),BEN, KPN, MMO, ONL, QIC, TFT, TNL, VDF (Vodafone), VDP, XEN
New Zealand VNZ
Nigeria ECT (unbranded), GCR, MML
Nordic Countries NEE (unbranded)
Norway TEN
Pakistan PAK (unbranded), WDC
Panama TPA (unbranded), BPC, PCW, PBS
Philippines FAM, GLB, OLB*, SMA, XTC (Open Line) , XTE
Poland ERA, IDE, PLS, PRT, XEO (unbranded), OXA*, OXX*
Portugal OPT, OXX*, TCL (Vodafone), TMN, TPH (unbranded), XEP
Puerto Rico CEN, PCI, TPR
Romania ROM (unbranded), CNX (Vodafone), COA, HAT, ORO, OXX*
Russia AZC, BLN, EMT, ERS, GEO, MTV, OXE*, SER (unbranded), SNT
Saudi Arabia KSA (unbranded), JED
Senegal DKR (unbranded)
Serbia Montenegro MSR, OXX*, PMN, SMO, TOP, TSR
Singapore MM1, XSP (unbranded), SIN (Singtel), STH (Starhub), BGD, XSO
Slovenia MOT, SIM (
Slovakia ORX (unbranded), GTL, IRD, ORS, OXX*, TMS
South Africa XFA, XFE (unbranded), OXX*, XFC, XFM, XFV (Vodafone)
South East Europe SEE (unbranded)
South West Asia SWA
Spain PHE (unbranded), FOP, AMN (Orange), ATL (Vodafone), EUS, XEC (Movistar), YOG (Yoigo)
Sri Lanka SLK (unbranded)
Switzerland AUT (unbranded), MOZ, ORG, OXX*, SUN, SWC (Swisscom)
Taiwan BRI (unbranded), CWT, TCC, TCI, TWM
Temporary TEM
Thailand CAT, OLB*, THE, THL (unbranded), THO, THS, LAO, MYM
Tanzania SOL
Trinidad and Tobago EON (unbranded), TTT (unbranded)
Tunisia TUN (unbranded), ABS, RNG
Turkey TUR (unbranded), BAS, KVK, TLP, TRC
Ukraine KVR, SEK (unbranded), UMC
United Arab Emirat ARB, ITO, MID, OXE*, XSG (unbranded)
United Kingdom BTU (unbranded), EVR (EE), BTC, CPW (Carphone Warehouse), H3G, O2I, O2U (O2), ORA (Orange), OXA*, TMU (T-Mobile), TSC, VIR, VOD (Vodafone), XEU (EE & Three)
USA ACG (Nextech/C), ATT (AT&T), BST, CCT (Comcast), GCF, LRA (Bluegrass Cellular), SPR (Sprint), TFN (Tracfone), TMB (T-Mobile), USC (US Cellular), VMU (Virgin Mobile USA), VZW (Verizon Wireless), XAA (unbranded/default), XAS
Uzbekistan CAC (unbranded), UZB
Venezuela VMT (Movistar), DGT, MVL
Vietnam DNA, FPT, OLB*, PHU, SPT, TLC, VTC, VTL, XEV, XXV (unbranded)

Difference between CSC codes and firmware region codes?

Some CSC codes in the table above are repeated for different countries or regions. For example, NEE is the CSC code for Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. This is because these countries share the same firmware region code, a four-letter code that identifies a group of countries or regions with similar firmware versions. A firmware region code consists of two parts: the first three letters are the CSC code, and the last is the sales code.

A sales code is a letter that indicates the specific market or carrier in which the device is sold. For example, if your firmware region code is NEEF, your device runs the firmware version for the NEE region (Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden) and the F sales code (unbranded). On the other hand, if your firmware region code is NEEL, your device is running the firmware version for the NEE region and the L sales code (Telia).

Samsung CSC Codes List PDF

Here is a complete Samsung CSC code list in PDF format so that you can keep it for future use. The pdf file contains all the 480+ Samsung firmware region codes in a nice and clean format. So download the file from the above link and save it on your hard drive or cloud storage.

I hope that the article helps you find the firmware region code of a Samsung Galaxy device. You can also use the above-mentioned methods for all Samsung devices, including tablets. If you have any questions, don’t forget to drop them below. I will be happy to help you out.