Download Epson L380 Resetter Tool Free in 2021

If you have an Epson printer then you might have seen a red light blinking problem. This is the most common problem which occurs in most of the Epson printers including L380, L383, L385, L485 and many other.

The main cause behind this red light means the printer comes into service mode. This means you need to carry the printer to the service center to perform a full checkup and restore it into original condition.

Sometimes the problem also occurs due to jamming of the paper or low ink. But the problem should not last long once the paper is removed from the tray or the ink bottle has been filled.

But if still, you are getting the red light blinking error that means you need to reset the printer using the Epson L380 Resetter Tool also called as epson l380 adjustment program.

How to Download Epson L380 Resetter Tool

There are plenty of sites that are available on the internet claiming that they will provide the Epson l380 resetter tool for free. But believe me, most of the sites are scams, and downloading files from them can cause system damage.

Officially the Epson l380 adjustment program is only provided to the Epson service center but luckily we have a link with the service center and here I am going to provide you the epson l380 resetter tool absolutely for free.

Name of the ApplicationEpson L380 Resetter Tool / Epson L380 WIC Reset Key
Size4.27 MB
Supported OSWindows 7 and later.

So let’s get started and fix the Epson l380 printer error using the Epson l380 resetter tool. Always remember each epson printer has its own resetter program. So always ensure you are downloading the right one.

How to Use Epson L380 Adjusment Program

using the Epson l380 adjustment program is very easy and simple just like other windows software. All you need is to download the resetter program from the below link and follow the steps.

Step 1. Download the Epson L380 Resetter Tool from above.

Step 2. Disable your PC antivirus so that it will not delete program files. (Note if you have not disabled the antivirus the program files may get corrupted).

Disable Windows Defender Antivirus

Step 3. Extract the Epson Resetter file using WinRar.

Extract Epson L380 Resetter Program

Step 4. Open the extracted folder and double click on the “Run-Me.exe” file.

Download Epson L380 Resetter Tool Free

Step 5. A new popup window will occur showing the Epson L380 Resetter Tool License ID. Just click on the OK button.

Epson L380 Resetter Tool License ID

Step 6. Once you hit the OK button from the popup, the Epson resetter tool will launch automatically. Now click on the select button to select the Epson printer model.

How to Use Epson L380 Adjustment Program

Step 7. From the dropdown menu choose the printer model as L380 and leave the port as it is. Once done hit the OK button.

Launch Epson L380 Adjustment Program

Step 8. Now click on the Particular adjustment program.

Step 9. Select the Waste Ink Pad counter from list and hit the OK button.

Fix Epson L380 Waste Ink Pad Counter Using Epson L380 Resetter Tool

Step 10. Check the main pad counter checkbox and click on the check button below to perform an ink level check.

Epson L380 Waste Ink Pad Counter Check

Step 11. Wait for some time and you will see the ink pad counter score in points and percentage. You have to make this score zero.

Step 12. Again select Main Pad Counter checkbox and click the Initialize button.

Step 13. Now click the OK button to start the initializing process and once done it will prompt to restart the printer just hit the Ok button again to restart the printer.

Reboot Printer

Step 14. Once the printer is restarted click on the finish button.

Resetting Epson Waste Ink Pad Counter

Congrats, your Epson l380 printer has been successfully reset using the Epson l380 resetter tool and the red light blinking problem has been fixed. Also, check how to reset Epson l3110.

Wrapping Up

There are many types of errors in the Epson printers such as red light blinking, jamming of the paper, waste tonner, or low ink level. And to fix all these types of errors you need to download epson l380 resetter tool.

Epson l380 resetter tool will help you to clear all the printers errors still receiving after fixing the problem such as refilling the ink bottle. All you need is to follow the steps carefully to clear the error. Always fill your ink bottle before it gets too low to prevent future ink error.

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