How to Convert EXE to APK Files On Windows? Solved 2020

Do you want to convert exe to apk files then you are at the right place? Today I am going to teach you how to convert exe to apk file. Exe files contain an executable program that runs on the windows computer. While the apk files are used to run on the android platform.

But sometime you can’t find a windows program in the android format means the program is not available for the android device. Well in this type of scenario there is no other way to run the program instead of on a pc. But what if you don’t have a pc at that time.

Or the Pc you are using is not capable of running that exe file. In this type of scenario, you ca convert exte to apk files so that they can easily run on all android devices. As the android is handy and easy to carry device you can use this method to run any exe program on android.

How to Run EXE files on Android?

If you want to run exe files on the android then you must have to find a compatible android version of the file. Suppose you want to run a game on an android device which is not available on the android platform then you need to find an alternate game that offers similar functionality and feature and is available on for android platform.

How to Convert EXE to APK File

But most of the time this becomes difficult because some developers only build the application for windows and because of larger drivers and hardware support which is not available for android.

In Windows PC you can connect many hardware to do your work but the android does not have such function and the supported device list are also limited. So to run an exe file on android you need an exe to apk converter.

With the help of exe to apk converter you can easily convert any exe files to apk and run that on android platform.

How to Convert EXE to APK on Windows?

Converting the exe to apk files is a very easy and simple process. You can easily convert all the exe files to android and run that files on any android device. All you need is to download exe to apk converter tool and use the tool to convert exe to apk files.

To convert an exe file to apk you need to fulfill the following requirement:

  1. The software which you want to convert to an apk file extension.
  2. Exe to apk converter tool.

Once you get all the above files you are good to go. To convert exe to apk files on windows follow the instruction listed below.

Step 1. Download exe to apk converter tool from here.

How to Convert Exe to APk files on Windows

Step 2. Once the tool is downloaded in your computer, open the file and click on I have a portable application option.

Download exe to apk converter

Step 3. Now choose the exe file which you want to convert to apk extension.

Converting Exe to Apk file on Windows Using Chane My Software

Step 4. Once the files is loaded in exe to apk converter tool click on the convert to apk button and it will start converting the file from exe to apk extension.

Convert Exe File to APK files

Step 5. It will take some time depending upon your pc configuration and file size. Once the process is done copy the file to the android device and install it as an apk file.

Exe to APK Converter Tool

That’s it, you have successfully converted exe to apk file and ready to use the file on any android platform. Simply install the file and use it just like an android application. Similarly you can convert any exe file to apk extension.

Advantages of EXE to APK converter

As the name suggests the tool converts the exe files to apk files. The exe to apk converter itself has many advantages if you do not have a pc and use the android device for most of your work.

Also, it is not always possible to have a windows pc or laptop with you. But in spite android will be always with you because a smartphone is necessary and must use the device in this era.

Here are some of the best advantages of exe to apk converter tool.

  • Can easily convert exe to apk files.
  • support most of the exe application with low size
  • faster conversion in a few minutes only.
  • All windows software functionality will be available on the android application.
  • Free available and easy to use.
  • Simple interface with minimal features.


You can use exe to apk converter tool, to convert some exe file in the apk format and run them on any android device. But not all the devices are supported by the software. Like you can not convert big size exe software like photoshop and larger game slike GTA and Need for Speed.

Although the Change my Software application is very useful to convert exe to apk but still it has a limitation. So convert the necessary file that you want to run on an android smartphone. But if you want to run the large-size exe file on the smartphone then you need to install windows os in the android.

But installing the windows on an android smartphone is a very difficult task and requires a lot of technical knowledge. So better try exe to apk converter and run the low size exe file on android.


Yes, one can easily convert exe to apk file using change my software application for windows PC.

Yes, but first we need to convert the exe file to the apk file to run it on the android platform. You can use the windows application like Change My Software to convert the exe files to the apk file.

To convert the exe file download and install Change My Software application on PC. Now select I have portable application and choose the file that you want to convert in apk format. Click on the convert button to start the process. One the converting is done you can easily install the file and run on any android device.

Yes, you can easily run some windows apps on android phone by converting them to apk file extension.