Your Brief Guide to Prank Calls in 2021

You might think that just because it is the 21st century, the days of having fun through prank calls are already long gone. But it isn’t! As a matter of fact, it is a thriving industry that prank enthusiasts use until now as it only keeps getting better. If you are new to pranking, you might still be unfamiliar with the concept of prank apps or spoof call apps. Don’t worry because as you read along, hopefully, you will know how to pull off a prank call in this contemporary age!

Because it is a different time – a time of digital convenience and a time of more progressive views, a good prankster will no longer call a hardworking service staff or cause anxiety to any random stranger for the sake of several minutes of laughs.

While you can still technically do these things during this time, we slightly discourage it. Why? Firstly, it means to people only diligently doing their jobs; secondly, humor is adapting and evolving through different times’ contexts.  In the age of championing political correctness, are you sure that’s the funniest thing you can do now? The answer is obviously no! You can do better than that!

What is the new way of doing prank calls? 

Chances are, you are not reading this through a printed paper. You probably read this text through your phone, iPad, or laptop. Why? Because that’s just how life is right now, most of the things we do to do our daily tasks and receive entertainment are through our devices. Pranks are the same. Prank lords and geniuses made way for prank calls to be more fun and relevant even when no one uses telephones anymore. (Well, except offices or your grandma.)

Brief Guide to Prank Calls

Using your smartphones, you can now swiftly download prank calling apps and spoof-calling apps that are free and easy to use. And trust us, you will never regret trying them out!

Prank Call Apps and Spoof Call Apps, what’s the difference?

These two things can sometimes be the same thing, but in some cases – it isn’t! The one main difference that they have is you will need a smart mobile device to access apps like these. They both are made for prank calls, but it is vital to know the nuance between them if you really want to know your options regarding prank calling.

1. Prank Call Apps

Prank call apps offer various gimmicks. Your prank calls don’t need to think hard enough about pulling something off because it has been thought about by prank masters and has already been done before! Most prank call apps already have pre-made scripts where you can choose various characters performed by professional actors to do the acts for you.

Our personal favorite is Ownage Pranks’ prank call app that you can download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. In essence, if you want to do prank calls but have no clear idea what to do yet, you can check out prank call apps to know what’s available for you.

2. Spoof Call Apps

If you want to keep it a little bit old school or you have a more elaborate plan in mind that even pre-made scripts cannot pull off, then these spoof call apps are just right for you! What this does is it basically changes your caller info. It hides it under a fake number that when you dial your victim’s number through their mobile phones, the number being displayed is not your number – making it a lot more convincing when doing a prank. You don’t need to borrow a friend’s phone or get a new number anymore because these spoof call apps are already doing this for you! 

You can even keep your precious prank calls forever!

They say what happens on the internet gets stored somewhere in the cloud forever. Whether you believe this or not,  see this as a terrifying or an alluring idea – this is still the truth. Well, when it comes to executing prank calls, you wouldn’t mind about the impermanence of your trick. When you get caught up too much in the hilarity of one aspect, you might miss a small part, perhaps from laughing too hard! What else?

Suppose you captured a candid yet priceless reaction from your friends or family that are your victims. In that case, you could do so much more than telling other people about it because you now have proof to play over and over again. People not believing your epic prank call stories won’t be a problem anymore because these calls are recorded and for your safekeeping as much as you like.


Times are changing, and the way we are pulling off pranks and jokes is already changing. Pranksters adapt to this change by setting up appropriate spoof call/prank call apps on the internet for humor enthusiasts to download. Even with a different medium used for these calls, the thrill and the fun in prank-calling are still not taken away.

So what are you waiting for? Download Ownage Pranks’ prank call and spoof calling apps already! Happy Pranking!
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