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Epson L360 all-in-one inkjet printer is designed for home and office use. It is capable of printing high-quality and high-volume copies with a single refill. The average yield of the Epson L360 printer is more than 4500 pages in black.

Epson printers are superior to any other printers in the market and have a long life. But despite this, many times a service message comes on the screen. Along with this service error, you will also see the red light blinking on the Epson L360 printer control panel.

This indicated that the printer has come in the service mode due to some of the reasons. In this situation, many users tend to call to Epson service center. But in fact, you did not need to do that. Now you can easily solve the error using a reset utility called as Epson L360 resetter tool.

The tool is also known as Epson L360 Adjustment Program and it is designed for every model. This tool is capable of doing many operations along with performing maintenance tasks. Let’s dig the tool a little bit more.

Download Epson L360 Resetter Tool Free in 2021

What is Epson L360 Resetter Tool?

Epson L360 Resetter Tool is a reset utility used to reset the printer error and make the service to the default setting. You can extend your Epson L360 printer life by doing maintenance on a periodical basis.

If you are facing errors in your printer like waste ink paper, the jammed paper then you can easily reset the printer using this adjustment program. All you need is to download the Epson L360 adjustment program from below and follow the listed steps carefully.

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The Epson L360 Resetter Tool is only provided to the official Epson service centers but we have collaborated with them and get a copy of that. So you can download the Epson L360 adjustment program from here and use the utility for free.

Epson L360 Resetter Features and Functions

Epson L360 Resetter is a lightweight application that can run on any computer with a minimum windows 7 configuration and 1 GB of RAM. The user interface of the adjustment program is quite simple and easy to navigate. Even a non-technical person can easily use the adjustment program to reset the Epson L360 printer.

Many problems with the Epson L360 multifunction printer can be resolved with the Epson L360 resetter tool. Here are some of the notable maintenance features and functions that you can perform from the reset utility.

  • Head Cleaning
  • Head Angular Adjusment
  • Top Margin Adjusment
  • Initial Ink Charge
  • Reset Counter
  • Remove Jammed Paper Error
  • USB ID Input
  • Cleaning the Print Head
  • Bi-D Adjusment
  • EEPROM Initail Setting
  • And lots more

The tool is also used for other functions in addition to the above. You can even reset the printer to the factory default if you can’t fix a problem. This will reset the printer and replace all settings with the default. Meaning you need to set up the printer again before start using it.

Need of Epson L360 Adjusment Program

After a long time of use, the printer starts giving some of the errors. Waste Ink and jammed paper is the most popular and common error faced by Epson L360 printer users. The Waste Ink error occurs when the printer is not being used for a long time or the ink the bottom has reached below its capacity. In this case, the printer will start indicating with a red light on the counter.

Epson l360 Red Light Blinking Error

Another common problem is with the paper output trays. Many users have complained that even when the paper is not stuck in the tray printer indicates that paper is jammed. This problem mostly occurs due to a small part of the paper stuck in the tray or ahead section.

You can easily reset waste ink and jam paper errors using the Epson L360 adjustment program. There are also other errors that can be fixed with the tool.

Download Epson L360 Resetter Tool for Free

Officialy the Epson Resetter Tool is only provided to the authorized Epson service centers. But there are plenty of sites on the internet claiming that they have an authentic version of the Epson L360 adjustment program. Most of them are crack versions and may contain viruses that can ultimately damage your system.

But we at techorhow only provide a genuine version of the tool and that’s free from viruses. You just need to click on the below button to download the resetter program and install it just like any other software.

Name of the ApplicationEpson L360 Resetter Tool / Epson L360 WIC Reset Key
Size2.16 MB
Supported OSWindows 7 and later.

So let’s get started and fix the Epson L360 printer error using an adjustment program. Always remember each Epson printer has its own resetter program. So always ensure you are downloading the right one.

How to Use Epson L360 Adjusment Program

Using the Epson l365 adjustment program is very easy and simple just like other windows software. All you need is to download the resetter program from the below link and follow the steps.

Step 1. Download the Epson L360 Resetter Tool from above.

Step 2. Extract the Epson Resetter file using WinRar.

Download Epson L360 Resetter Tool for Free 2021

Step 3. Open the extracted folder and double-click on the “AdjProg” file.

Extract Epson Reset Tool

Step 4. From here click on the Select button to select the Epson printer model.

Epson L360 Adjustment Program

Step 5. From the dropdown menu choose the printer model as L360 and leave the port as it is. Once done hit the OK button.

Epson L360 WIC Reset Key

Step 6. Now click on the Particular adjustment program.

Step 7. Select the Waste Ink Pad counter from the list and hit the OK button.

Waste Ink Pad Maintenance Epson

Step 8. Check the main pad counter checkbox and click on the check button below to perform an ink level check.

Waste Ink Counter Check Epson

Step 9. Wait for some time and you will see the ink pad counter score in points and percentage. You have to make this score zero.

Step 10. Again select the Main Pad Counter checkbox and click the Initialize button.

Step 11. Now click the OK button to start the initializing process and once done it will prompt to restart the printer just hit the Ok button again to restart the printer.

Reboot Printer

Step 12. Once the printer is restarted click on the finish button.

Now you will see that the red light blinking has been fixed and the printer is working fine. Similarly, you can also resolve other problems using this Epson L360 Resetter Program.


Yes, the Epson L360 Resetter Tool is completer free without any crack or software alteration. Just download from the above link and start using it.

Yes, the adjustment program support Epson L130, L220, L310, L360, and L365 model.

Wrapping Up

Epson is one of the most trusted brands in multitasking printers. If you want a printer that prints high volume with great quality then always choose Epson printers. But keep in mind do not keep the printer unused for a long time and always perform cleaning and maintenance tasks.

If you are also getting any kind of error in the Epson l360 and unable to solve the error then first try Epson L360 Resetter Program to fix the problem. If you have any problem in installing and performing the maintenance task feel free to drop a comment below.