August 8, 2022

Types of WiFi Password Security? (WiFi Connetion Protocol)

By Rahul Yogi

When it comes to WiFi networks you must try everything to protect and secure the network from intruders. But to do all this, first, you need to know WiFi Security Protocols.

There are 3 types of wifi security protocols. But along with this, you can also use security tips by experts to secure your WiFi Network.

Wired Equivalent Privacy is the oldest and most common WiFi Security Protocol, established in IEEE 802.11. This is outdated and you should upgrade it is still used.


Wi-Fi Protected Access is a wireless security protocol released in 2002 addresses the growing vulnerabilities of WEP. It uses a 256-bit key for encryption which makes it more secure than WEP.


It is the second generation of the WPA protocol and uses Advanced Encryption System to replace the TKIP system used in the original WPA protocol.


WPA2 is the second generation protocol and is more secure than WPA. So use it to protect your WiFi network from hackers and be safe.

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