August 8, 2022

The Man Who Hacked NASA?

By Rahul Yogi

And also hacked Pentagon Weapons Computer System

As per the sources, A 15-year-old computer hacker Jonathan James hacked NASA in 1999 and become the first person who ever hacked NASA.

The Kid utilizes his talent and obtains the data from Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), NASA computers that support the international space station for 21 days.

Jonathan James also broke into the Pentagon weapons computer system and intercept 3,300 e-mails and stole the password of many high-rank officials' accounts.

The kid does all this by acting as a NASA employee. In the federal case, the child was identified as “c0mrade and was sent for 6 months in jail for breaking into someone else property.

According to the justice department, he was the first teenager to hack NASA. NASA handled this matter by shutting down all computers.

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