August 8, 2022

How to Protect Yourself from a Hack?

By Rahul Yogi

In a home network, everything is connected to WiFi. This means that it's even more vulnerable than before. If proper security measures are not taken you could lose a lot.

Someone can use your network and do illegal activities like money laundering and officials will arrest you because all happen from your IP address. 

Or worse someone can hack all devices connected to WiFi networks like a laptop, smartphone, or home locks and even can share your private picture with the World. 

So it's better to secure your home network and stay safe. Within the next slides, you will see the 4 best safety tips to protect yourself from a hack.

Change the default WiFi name and password. Also, make a habit to change your wifi password frequently. Never use easy-to-guess passwords like your name and date of birth.

Use Guest Network to share wifi passwords with friends and neighbors and make sure it has user limiting feature enabled.

Use a Router Firewall and enable MAC filtering so no one without your permission can connect to your WiFi Network.

Make sure your router firmware is updated and place your router in the center of the house so outsiders will get the low-quality signal and make a hack harder.

how to change your wifi password


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