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Didn't Know How to Change Your WiFi Password. Here is a Guide

By Rahul Yogi

3 August 2022

Changing WiFi Password is very easy and so simple. All you need to follow only 5 steps.  So tap on right and continue.

Connect to Router

with wire or wireless connection


Connect to router using a LAN cable or via WiFi connection

Open Router Configuration Page


Visit your web browser and type (IP Address of your router) in the URL address bar and press enter. A login screen will be open. Type your router's credential.

In most cases, the username and password are admin and admin.

if the above password doesn't work, search over the internet for a default router password. 


Head over to Wireless Option.


Look up on the menu bar and click on the wireless option or security tab.  Under this, you will find an option to change your WiFi password.

Every router has a different configuration page and these options are located in different places.  So take your time and roam across the settings.

Use a Strong Password


PRO Tip: Use password manager like LastPass, to create and store a strong password.

Now enter the password you wish to be for your WiFi Password.  Make sure it's hard and no one can guess it. Once done press the save button.

 Don't change the WiFi password when someone is doing important online work.  Because this will reboot your router.




Once your router reboot, reconnect to the WiFi with the password, and that's it.

Voila, you changed your WiFi password under 60 seconds.  Want to know more about WiFi and Network Security click on the read more button below.