August 3, 2022

Don't be stupid while changing your WiFi Password

By Rahul Yogi


You know the importance of WiFi better than anyone. But do you take the correct measures to protect your WiFi?  Here are 6 quick tips for a WiFi password.

Most users never change their WiFi password after the installation of the router. Stop making this mistakes.


Don't Use Default WiFi Password

Default passwords are available on online directories and are more vulnerable. So never use a default wifi password.

Always use a strong password that's hard to guess and crack. This is a great step to secure your network from neighbors and hackers.


Create a Strong Password. 

Use a combination of numbers, letters, and special characters while creating a password. Don't make it simple like Mike@123. It's easy to guess.


Make it Unique

Don't use personal details like name, date of birth, house name, and like that. These are easy to guess and one can easily connect with your WiFi. 


Don't use Personal Details

If can't figure out to generate a strong password, use tools like Google Password Manager to create and save a WiFi password.


Use A Password Manager  

Last but not least. Periodically change your WiFi password to ensure no one is trespassing your network while being in stealth mode.


Frequent Change WiFi Password