August 8, 2022

Download Whatsapp Plus and Maintain Your Privacy

By Rahul Yogi

Whatsapp regularly tracks user activity and also shares data with third-party sites to improve user experience. But this creates a serious question about users' privacy.

Sometimes this data is often sale to big companies and when they are caught they charge heavy fines. But this doesn't stop them. So to maintain your privacy, make a switch to Whatsapp Plus.

Whatsapp Plus is an advanced version of Whatsapp, of course, the app is not built and maintained by Facebook. But it gives many advanced features that you can't get on Whatsapp by Facebook.

Some of the popular features of Whatsapp Plus include hiding blue tick marks, disabling last seen, downloading user data, app locking, privacy control panel, and others.

The most used feature of Whatsapp Plus is Controlling privacy by disabling data sharing with Facebook and having total control over applications data.

So if you don't want to share your important data with Facebook, switch to Whatsapp Plus. Click on the download link and install it and get rid of privacy issues.

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