August 10, 2022

5 Common Printer Problems You Can Fix Yourself


By Rahul Yogi

When a printer does not perform its job, it's easy to get frustrated. It affects your productivity and it's enough to make your printer throw to the wall. 

If your printer becomes unresponsive then it's easy to fix. Here are the few tips that you should go through to fix an unresponsive printer.

1. Unresponsive Printer

Restarting the printer often solves the unresponsive problem. If your printer is not responding, it is better to restart it and solve the issue.

Restart the Printer

If your printer is unable to print a document there might be a few reasons. Sometimes it's stuck and continues to give errors in the control panel.

2. Printer Won't Print

To fix the printer won't print error you can initially restart the printer. If this doesn't solve the problem then check for the print setting. 

Check Printer Setting

Sometimes it happens when you print a document or photo in high quality but the output differs which makes the print look like a dull image.

3. Bad Print Quality

Print quality depends upon two factors. First, the type of paper you are using (Glossy or Photo Paper), and second the supplies on your printer.

Check Supplies

If you got a paper jam error then the problem is with the printer check. Check if there are any foreign obstacles stuck in the tray and check whether the tray is overfull.

4. Too Many Paper jams

This error is mostly associated with your printer specification like the amount of RAM and supplies. Also, document size affects the printing speed.

5. Print Too Slowly

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