August 7, 2022

American Idol Fans Awaiting Katy Perry’s Announcement

By Swati K.

American idol has been annouced and all the three judges has been confired their arrival on 21th show. 

This means we can expect to see Katy Perry, 37, Lionel Richie, 73, and Luke Bryan, 46, as well as veteran host Ryan Seacrest, 47, on our screens when it airs on ABC in spring 2023.

The news is energetic for the "Harleys in Hawaii" vocalist, as she will be procuring a stunning $30M for the new season, which will make her the most generously salaried unscripted television star in the USA!

Katy's kindred appointed judges are likewise purportedly getting an immense salary rise as well, with sources let The Daily Star know that Richie could be getting $15M.

Bryan is expected to get around $18M, with Seacrest procuring around $17.5M as a component of his continuous arrangement with ABC.

Katy's past salary was reputed to have been around $25M, yet makers at ABC were supposedly frantic to keep her on the show, thus offering her a significantly greater salary!

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