August 9, 2022

Amazon and Walmart Aren't Cheapest - Use Capital One

By Swati Khandelwal


When it's to shopping most peoples thinks that amazon and walmart are the cheapest stores. But this is not true, so we tried capital one to find out.

After setting up Capital One on my browser, I start searching for stuff on Amazon, and every time I go for a product, Capital One sends me a notification for cheaper rates.

I am surprised to see that most of the items I tried to buy are available at the cheapest rate from other retailers. I assumed that amazon would be the cheapest, but this isn't.

Because of Capital One, I was able to save $461.24 after 30 seconds of installing the extension. That's a lot more than I expected.

Along with this, Capital One also searches for coupon codes from its database for millions of users and helps you to save even more on shopping.

They will even show discount codes on products from your favorite influencer from Instagram and youtube. So use capital one and save money on shopping.

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