August 12, 2022

20-Word Resume Stuns Internet: 'Straight to the Point'


By Swati Khandelwal

When applying for jobs, it is often beneficial to keep your resume concise. Although a standard resume should be two pages in length.

A Reddit user share the resume sent to his wife that only contain 20 words. The applicant don't write a traditional resume instead came straight to the point.

Here what he wrote. "Faith, M" the "resume" states: "was working for a trucking company. Just got fired for insubordination. Not true. Looking for upright employer."

The image of the resume received a lot of attention, with the post receiving over 102,000 upvotes in a few hours.

The reaction on social media is awesome. One Reddit user wrote "No phone or email listed, otherwise it's an eye-catcher" with nohiddenmeaning writing: "Playing hard to get. I like it."

While other commented: "Forward/direct, straight to the point. This person was built for business." Some commenters recalled receiving strangely brief job applications.

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